So you want to know a little more about me? Maybe you’d like to know my name? Or maybe where I live, or how I came to be the man I am today? Well, such stories will come with time, as will all things, but until that time I will leave you with this . . .

Once upon a time I was out minding my own business, believing my life to be heading in one direction – a direction I could see and was aiming towards – but then something rather extraordinary happened to me. Above me the stars were shining, the moon brighter than them all, and I bumped (quite literally) into a man. This man was not the type you’d expect to find walking the earth at any time of day, never mind a Lincolnshire field in the dead of night. When I lifted my head to apologise I saw that he was different. His face was a shadow, his features masked behind a cloak of perpetual darkness. A trick of the light! I thought, but when I edged forward I could see that there was no trick. His face was masked with something I could not (and can not) explain. I had to double take, believing the colliding of our heads had blurred my mind, but no matter how many times I rubbed my eyes I could see only nothing. The man was wearing a chain around his neck, long and glistening in the light of the moon, and when he pulled it from beneath his cloak I could see that attached to the end was a star so bright it burned my eyes to look. But stare I did and I could not pull away.

“Take it,” the faceless man told me. “It’s yours to do with what you will.”

So beautiful a thing it was that I seized it instantly and cupped it in my hand. I could feel the heat from it hug my skin and the light it gave made the veins in my hand visible beneath a red glow. When I looked up to ask what it was, or what I was to do with such a marvel, the man was gone and I was once again alone. To this day that chain still hangs about my neck, the star still glowing from its end, and the gift it has given me I shall pass to you, over time. The star is a dream, and the light are the stories that come from it.

Believe what you will about this tale, but you came here to find out About me, and what is written above should tell you all you need to know . . . for now.


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